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Warrior Tier 13 Update: Warrior T13 Preview in Patch 4.3


 Warrior – Colossal Dragonplate

A simple concept – let’s make a Warrior Tier that looks like Deathwing! Gnarled dragon horn and angular elementium plating with burning fire behind it were the key ingredients.

The shoulder pads and helmets are uniquely modeled for each set, and that gives us great opportunities to create eye-catching silhouettes. In this instance, the sweeping horn shapes ensure a powerfully brutal-looking set for warriors.

this is a Warrior,T13, ha ha, Warrior live! Blizzard Viva! Is too strong, and looks. Death wing shape and red, perfect! All Warrior Tires This is my favorite set. Very great! for more information of  Tire 13,please click here:Tire 13   Incoming search terms:warrior t13 mage tier 13 tier 13 mage tier 13 warrior T13 paladin set t13 wow t13 mage tier 13 t13 mage t13 wow preview

player commented:At first I thought it looked bad, but when I look closely and think about it, it actually looks good. I bet I thought it looked bad before because it's modeled on a human; and everything looks bad on humans.

lol I've noticed how everyone is turning down the other class armors and constantly comparing it to Warrior. saying things like "oooh this armor sucks! warrior is better than all of theese!". Which is not really the best thing to do because you're expecting all the armor to look brutal and mean and filled with firey lava. When in fact, that would ONLY look good on Warriors.

Shamans arent supposed to be brutal and mean are they? No. They are supposed to be peaceful and masters of the elements.. Druids arent supposed to be filled with rage and fire are they? No. They are supposed to control nature and take care of everything in nature. Preists and Paladins arent supposed to have molten lava armor are they? No! They are supposed to be blessers of the light and Protectors of Justice, not brutal monsters with menacing armor. So as you can see...that look wont fit EVERY class here. You're supposed to look at it from the view of how a shaman should look, or a druid should look, ect. Not expecting them all to look like menacing monsters with intimidating armor. That may be the case with Warriors..but not all the other classes.

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